Academy Manager (Che wen long)

The academy's manager, Che wen long (Shi Xing Kuo), was accepted to live and train in the Shao Lin Temple from 1972 till 1975 under Shi De Qian, previous Fang Zhang (First Abbott) and chief instructor of the Northern China Shaolin Temple. Shi De Qian was one of the prominent Shao Lin Figthing monks in the temple who wrote many series on the shaolin arts and it's culture, including the famous Encyclopedia of Shaolin Kungfu.

Through intensive training in the temple, Mr. Che learned the Xiao Hong Quan, Da Hong Quan, Seven Star Sword, Shaolin seven section iron whip and cudgel forms. Over the following years he continued to practice what he learned in the Shaolin Temple. While at the Siping Teachers University in the year 1990, he was granted permission by grandmaster Shi De Qian to start instructing other Chinese people.

In 1998, due to the popularity of Shaolin KungFu, permission was granted by Shi De Qian to Mr. Che to spread the teachings of the Shaolin arts and it's culture to foreign students from all around the world. Mr. Che rented two large yards in the rebuilt ancient Ye He Castle (which is an important area for the establishment of the Qing Dynasty) and proceeded to provide the academy's students with some of the most talented highest level martial arts masters from the Shaolin and Wu Dang Temples, as well as many other talented martial arts masters from other varying backgrounds. Through these actions, and with the help of western shaolin monk (Shi Xing De), he opened the first official school in Ji Lin Province and one of the first in China to open its doors to many foreign students, where before there was only the occasional foreign student taken on every now and than in China. At that time most masters would deny westerners any training.

Mr. Che is quite proud of the academy's many foreign students over the years as they have gained much skill and won many gold medals in various competitions held throughout the years. Some of them even went on to open their own schools around the world. Since Mr. Che started to teach in 1995 and officially opened his school in 1998, he has helped over 2000 foreign students train in traditional and modern Chinese martial arts.

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If you should have any questions or concerns while staying at the academy, feel free to Email him to discuss such matters, he will be happy to discuss them with you.

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