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Preparation Information Page
Academy Preparation Informatioin

This page provides important information so you can prepare before coming to our academy to learn kung fu, on matters of enrollment, visa’s, pre departure guidance, food, accommodation, academy facilities, weather, certificates etc..

  • 1. Object of Enrollment on kung fu training:

    The academy provides instruction to beginners, as well as more advanced students who are already proficient in martial arts and seeking additional or higher-level kung fu training.

    a. -  Students who are healthy both mentality and physically and love martial arts, regardless of your gender, age, religion, or country, are all welcome to come to our academy to learn Shaolin kung fu martial arts.

    b. - Students who have never studied martial arts before should not expect to perform intermediate or advanced kung fu in one or two months. However, they will be introduced to Shaolin (the basics of Shaolin traditional Chi Kung, two short Shaolin fist forms, one weapon routine, elementary combat and one or two Tai Chi forms). Alternatively, students can choose Wingchun,BaJi, Xingyi, Bagua or Preying Mantis and will learn basics, a routine, one weapon form and Qi Kung. They should be able to grasp Wingchun,BaJi,Shaolin, Xingyi, Bagua or Mantis boxing basic gong fu and decide whether what they have learned is the right path for them to follow in the future, training for longer periods of time.

    c. - Students who have already seriously trained in shaolin kung fu for several years or more can expect to learn and perform some of the more difficult kung fu movements, combat skills, higher internal kung fu as well as developing the underlying morality of the martial arts. We also welcome advanced students wishing to learn through challenging the masters.

    d. - Don't worry about age holding you back if you are middle aged or elderly. Many Chinese martial arts are suitable for middle age and older people to learn, such as Ancient Qi Gong (Ba duan jin, yi jin jing, Five animal style and meditation that is not only good for health, but also helpful for your level of Kung Fu and for healing illnesses), Tai Chi fist / straight sword / fan, Xingyi fist, Bagua palm, Ba Chi fist and mantis boxing.  Training schedules and exercises are customized to fit to you, according to your needs and abilities. There is no maximum of age to come, but there is minimum of it. You must have an escort if you are not able to travel alone.

    e. - Longer kung fu training periods (after you have learnt for 5 years here) are available for those who find they want to advance their skills to higher levels in martial arts. However, the decision is made by the masters as to whether they will extend training periods, according to the student's apparent skills, trustworthiness, potential and interest shown.

  • 2. Preparation before You Come to the shaolin kung fu Academy:

    a. - Please fill the application form and pay the application fee according to the website 1 to 6 months before you come to the academy. We will confirm your information after we get your application and application fee and will prepare for your arrival.

    b. - regarding your Visa: You can apply for a tourist visa before you come to China. If you need any help extending it, we can help you extend it to more than 10 months when you get to the academy. We can also help you change your visa to a student one if necessary, year by year. However, please be aware that the maximum duration for a stay in this kung fu Academy is five years. Many students want to get a student visa when they come here, and it is a requirement that you obtain an invitation letter and the JW202 form (when applying for the student visa). Once you apply for your student visa the academy will help to send both of these two forms to you.So you are required to provide your correct mailing address for us to send them to you via the post office.

    Chinese Embassy web site for the visa -

    c. - New students who are saving to come to the academy have asked if there is anything they should do to prepare themselves. The best thing is to prepare yourself physically; proper diet, sprinting and long distance running (2 km a day or so), swimming, cycling, skipping , ping pong, skating, push-ups, sit-ups, etc… stamina training will help new students learn martial arts faster and easier. Any sport or hobby that breaks down muscle tissue so you can rebuild it, stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve your breathing and other enjoyable exercises which are good to do.

    d. - You can bring with you to the school your sports-like clothing, loose trousers and things you need from home. In classes, the translator will attend and masters here can speak simple English. If you want to go out and do something in your spare time, the translator can also help you with that. Also bring towels, and toiletry items.

  • 3. The weather here:

    Siping is known for our four distinctive seasons. March, April and May are spring season, when the temperature is from 5C to 25C , June, July and August are our summer season , that is from 19C to 30C. September, October and November are the autumn season when the weather is getting cool, from 0C to 15C and December, January and February are our winter season when it is from -25C below zero to -15C below zero, There is beautiful snow and there is heat in each room and the training hall during the winter.

  • 4. Insurance:

    We recommend you purchase a major medical insurance policy to pay for major illness or injury that may be incurred while you are in China if you decide to attend the academy. You should check the details and cover of your insurance plan through an insurance agent in your country.

  • 5. Traveling to the Aademy:

    There are no direct international flights to Siping City . Therefore, you need to first fly to Beijing (the Capital of China) or Shanghai, and then from Beijing you can take a domestic flight (about 1 hour 50 minutes; around $160 for economic seats) or take train to Siping railway station(6:30 hours; around $45) to Chang chun Long Jia airport. we can provide an all-terrain vehicle, driver, and translator as a free pick-up service from Chang chun Long Jia airport or the Siping train station to the academy.

    • Notice: Please book a flight that reaches Chang chun long jia airport before 9:00 o’clock at night if it is possible, otherwise it is quite late for the translator and driver to go there to pick you up.

    • After the translator picks you up from the airport and arrives the academy, the key of your dormitory will be given to you, along with your bed sheets; there is bedding, a desk, wardrobe, washbasin, thermos bottle for free, meanwhile we will charge a 15 dollar deposit for it that will be refunded when you leave the academy.

    Flight timetable from Beijing airport to Changchun airport:

    Flight Number-----Departs Beijing---Arrives Changchun---Duration

    CZ6174---------------------06:40---------------------08:20---------------------1h 40m
    CA1609---------------------06:55---------------------08:40---------------------1h 45m
    MU2070--------------------15:15---------------------17:10---------------------1h 55m
    CZ6146---------------------11:25---------------------13:10---------------------1h 45m
    CA1649---------------------08:55---------------------10:50---------------------1h 55m
    CZ6144---------------------10:25---------------------12:20---------------------1h 55m
    CZ6150---------------------18:35---------------------20:30---------------------1h 55m

    You also can choose to take train from Beijing railway station to Siping railway station.

    Train timetable from Beijing to Siping:

    Train number---Departs Beijing-----Arrives Siping------Duration

    D21----------------------------07:00------------------13:16-----------------6h 16m
    D25----------------------------07:13------------------13:27-----------------6h 14m
    D73----------------------------13:44------------------19:14-----------------5h 34m
    T59----------------------------20:50------------Next day 05:05---------8h 13m
    K39----------------------------23:00------------Next day 10:52-------11h 52m

  • 6. - Payment: All of the payment except for the application fee can be paid in the 7 days since you arrive at the shaolin kung fu academy. We accept American Dollars. You can pay in cash, travelers checks (which here only can be changed to cash by yourself) or transfer money through the bank or Westerm Union. Other methods for payment are not available.

  • 7. Photos:

    Every student should take 6 two inch pictures with you when you are coming for your file in the academy and visa extension.

  • 8. Food and Accommodation in Shaolin kung fu school:

    Most of the cooking is Chinese style. In the morning, we have milk, soybean milk, porridge, oats, bread and eggs. For lunch and dinner, we serve Chinese dishes including three dishes with meat, one egg dish, one vegetable dish, fried chips, rice and soup; either egg, seafood or sweet. We also have Chinese dumplings and noodles once a week, and seafood, fried fish and bacon (Chinese style) several times a week. The cook will provide chilies for those who would like some. There are big feasts at festivals when students and masters eat together.

    * The water at the academy is natural mineral water drawn from the protected area of the national park within the nearby Yehe Mountain. The water is clean and safe for human consumption.

    Note: We also cater to Vegetarians.

  • b. Accommodation and food quality are very good. The nutrition of food is enough to satisfy the requirements of students. For accommodation, generally one to two students share one room.

  • 4. Academy Facilities:

      a. - Power training equipment, a set of fitness equipment, wooden dummies, punching bag, mats, pads, gloves and bodyguards are provided for by the academy. However, you can buy some other kinds of weapons by yourself when you need them in practice.

      b. - After students arrival, students will be issued a monk’s training suit for free. The academy provides tableware and bedding, Washing machines and hot shower facilities. Items of personal hygiene and grooming are the student’s responsibility. On arrival at the academy, the new student will be assigned a translator to make the transition to academy life as smooth as possible.

      c. - The academy offers a public pay phone and internet (Free with computers and wifi, But the access spead a bit slow than in the city) for students to keep contact with family and friends.

  • 5. - Training Certificate for Students:

    Those who finish the study shaolin kung fu in the academy will be given a normal certificate from the academy. Those who become good at learning shaolin kung fu will be given the level certificate and master certificate authorized from the Chinese martial arts association, according to their abilities.



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