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Mr. Che Wen Long,
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Following are some messages from students attending the Academy:

Note: Even though the academy is not the temple, some students thought it was when they read the introduction on our home page. Although the teachers are from the temple's linage, please be aware before coming to China that our school is a Martial Arts Academy, and not the shaolin temple.

Name: Sascha Matic
Nationality: South Africa
Training Period at the Academy: 1 year
Training: Shaolin Wushu and San Da

I came to the academy with no prior martial arts experience, but it wasnít long before I had learned many great things from the different shifus here at the academy. The training is though and regardless of your fitness level you will feel strain in your muscles and bones. During my stay things have changed a lot at the academy (for the better) and the training is even more serious plus there is free internet and we can tell the chef what food we want to eat. If you expect all the luxuries you have at home you shouldnít come to China to learn martial arts. You must be willing to make huge personal sacrifices, only this way you can make the best out of your stay. The academy has everything and more than you need to learn great martial arts skills plus the environment is perfect. The academy is located outside a rural farming village and the landscape is beautiful with no pollution or distractions. The winter is difficult because I am not used to the cold but I still enjoyed it, I can recommend coming anytime of the year.

Name: Daniel Matic
Nationality: South Africa
Training Period at the Academy: 1 year
Training: Shaolin Wushu and San Da

I have been at the siping shaolin martial arts academy for nearly 5 months I train sanda and physical conditioning is very good, my fitness is on another level and I am very happy with what I have achieved in this short period. The sanda sifu is very good in training us and uses a lot of variation in the training to keep it interesting. Coming to this academy and living with other people from around the world is a great experience. The academy itself is undergoing many changes. At the end of the day it is up to you to make the best out of your stay.

Name: Tristan Koetsveld
Nationality: Netherlands
Training period at the Academy: 1 year

I have been a student here for 3 months so far. The academy did make a lot of improvements, like showers, free WIFI internet and delicious food. I have had a really good time here and I hope it will be better and better because I will be staying for a year.

Name: Leila Ghomi
Nationality: Iranian
Training Period at the Academy: 1 Year
Training: Shaolin Wushu

It is not customary for a human being to enter a place without some expectations and some ideas about the place. I am almost willing to have none after deciding to join the martial arts academy. I hoped for improvements in myself, my body, and my deeds; and for that I trust the academy to introduce me to a life fit for doing so. The thing that struck me the most upon my arrival was the location of the place, high up in green lands with hundreds of shades of greens, wind, birds, and serenity. This alone seems to make thin training experience more satisfying. For me the master is the most important part of the journey. Once in the hands of a good master, all the other hardships of training can be overcome. A master should keep you going, a master should look at you and be able to see what you see and know what you feel. A master should help you teach yourself and transform yourself, and after training with my master I came to trust him unconditionally. The academy has provided us with a communal, friendly place with extra privacy in our rooms during down time. The ďtranslatorsĒ, the people who help run the academy, are helpful and have all come to be good friends! The kids are friendly and also there is a lot to be learned by them. Though I have only been here for a short while, this experience so far has been to my benefit. It has given me a chance to see in myself the improvement I hoped for, both towards myself and my surroundings.

Name: Erin Ellingson
Nationality: USA
Training Period at the Academy: 4 Months
Training: Shaolin Wushu

I signed up for a four-month stay and I am almost two months into my Shaolin Academy experience. I arrived anticipating a quiet and serene environment and intense physical training. The physical aspect of this experience has been the most impressive. I arrived with the almost no history of athletisism and I felt like I was jumping into the deep end of the pool. I couldnít have pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of were it not for the Shaolin Sifu and the Chinese students. That being said, the Shaolin sifu is patient and understanding of our individual experiences and works to make sure that we are getting the most from our training. Sifu is incredibly talented in shaolin kungfu. He has a great sense of humor but he doesnt hesitate to push when he knows you can give more. I have observed these qualities in the Taiji and San Da sifus as well.The academy is on top of a hill which overlooks a green and yellow valley of cornfields and red-roofed hamlets. For one looking to meditate or appreciate the still of the rolling hills of northern China, this is the place to come. I have often walked along the grounds of the Ancient Ye He castle and enjoyed sunsets, by the late. Ive been quite happy here, and its been a worthy way to spend three months. I have thinking of extended my stay for another month.

Name: Mike Novik
Nationality: Russian
Traning Time: 1.5 months

Siping Shaolin Martial Academy is a nice place to come if you want to study martial arts. Shifus at this place are good. I managed to study a lot in short terms. Chinese classes are also good if you are a beginner. The food here is good as for a temple. It gives you everything what you need for the day. The room has everything what a person needs to concentrate on studying and not to fall back because of something (like watching tv for example) there is an available internet room or free wi-fi if you need In the evenings you can do meditations with shifu. So I think it is a good place where you can come and study traditional martial arts.

Name: Reynald Bozil
Nationality: American
Traning Time: 12 months

I came to the shaolin academy on March 2014. I study baji from master Li. He is 60 years old, and one of the best baji masters in China. I remembered what he told me when I told him that I wanted to learn baji. He said "I will teach you everything I know, but be serious, train hard, don't be lazy, and don't ever forget why you have come to China°. I have learned a lot from master Lee in the past 4 months, and I am very happy to have a master like him. The academy is at a very good place, the view is very nice, very quiet and translator Li is very helpful. The food is ok, and the cook will cook any food you recommend.

Name: Jeremy Charles Weinick
Nationality: American
Traning Time: 2 months

My stay here at the academy has been epic. The shifus herethough are absolutely amazing and their teachings were beyond my expectations. Shifu Li is the baji shifu and I have been learning from him and he is the best. He not only teaches you the form, but many applications of the same move. His strength and speed is inhuman and even more impressive cause of his age. He has been doing it for 40 years so you know he is amazing at what he does. The new shaolin shifu is also outstanding and his kung fu looks super human. If someone was to come here for shaolin he would make you better than you even imagined you could be. The sanda teacher is also quite great. His sanda looks great and he kicks harder than any man his size although I think his teachings are a little slow and I didn't take it for that reason. I only had a month left when he got here and didn't feel like I would get that much out of his class as others because of the speed. I do get his point in you can't learn sanda that fast but we did it a week of just foot work and would of liked to have hit more. Maybe correct vs more when doing sanda but the man is amazing. I think with a little longer of teaching that he will be an amazing teacher. The tai chi shifu is also amazing even though gone for the moment. His tai chi is second to none and his health makes me a lot more apt to take tai chi when I get home. He works with you whether you are young and want to lose weight so he will push you hard or if you're older and need more rests he will do that too. The biggest plus to this place is the shifus. They are the thing that would make me want to come back. The translators are good here which is good cause the shifus speak almost no English. When I first got here the only translator was Lee. His english is in my opinion the best but they always have him do things so he was always busy but by the end we got a lot more translators with good english and this made classes a lot easier. I am really glad they were here. Like I said my stay here was really good and I love this place and the shifu's make me really want to come back. This is a martial arts academy, not the temple, so if you are coming here to train with monks in the temple I would not come, but if you want to train with top notch shifus this is the place to train in.

Name: Jackson Patrick Wilson
Nationality: American
Traning Time: 2 months

My 2 month stay at the academy has been time that I have really enjoyed. The training and shifus are very good. I learned styles I have never heard of and found them very interesting. I spent most of my stay training baji, with sifu Li. He is an incredible teacher, an impressive martial artist, and an over all great person. The translators were all very helpful and made the language barrier a lot less of a problem.

Name: Anett Veronica Eriksson
December 12, 2011

The main reason why you go to Siping shaolin martial arts academy is because of the training, but I have chosen to combine it with studying the chinese language. So far my experience of the training is good. Currently I'm training Baji quan with master Li as a teacher. He is very experienced and patient and it's an pleasure for the eye to see him performing one of the many Beji forms that exists. Except from Baji you also have the ability to train Kungfu, Sanda, and taiji. The academy also has Qigong training in the early morning. The food is very tastful and I almost end up eating too much. If for some reason the food doesn't meet up to your expectations you always have the opportunity to tell your requiremnets tot the chef who will do the best to make you satified. The rooms have been renovated, so they are fresh and clean and the view is stuning. The translators are very helpful and do their best to help you if any issues should occur.

Name: Helen Fischer
Nationality: Australian
Training Period: 5 Months
Training: Shaolin Wushu

Before coming to the Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy I never realized how much I actually loved Monday's. It's the day of the week when you're not sore, bruised, tired or exhausted. By Friday, which is a long time away things have changed and share the happyness. The week's reward is however, slightly better. Knowing that you've accomplished five days of FULL ON Kung Fu training whether it be cross country mountain runs, carrying buckets of water up never ending flights of stairs, made it that extra inch in the splits, landed your first backflip, run holding bricks between your grasp, bruised your forearms blue on steel poles, suspended yourself from trees doing crunches, maintained the perfect stance whilst standing on tree stumps. Anything is possible in a week and each week is a new pleasure. To counteract the intense training regime you only have to look out over the picturesque-landscape of mountainous terrain and growing cornfields to know it's worth it. Life is surreal here. Waking up every morning and looking out just before sunrise when the clouds are getting their first touch of morning heat I can't help reminiscing and always find myself humming the opening score to the lion king. Being here is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Name: Rayn Astaphan
May 14, 2012

For the last two months, I've lived at Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy. There are numbers reason why my experience has been wonderful. From day 1 the instructors, staff, and students welcome you with open arms. My shifu and fellow students have become my friends and served as a family. No where else will you get to learn authentic Kungfu with such personal training as such a great price! At times it feels like I am receiving my own personal instructor. The academy is situated a top a hill with a picturesque view. This area is a great place to live. On top of learning martial arts, I also get to learn chinese at no additional cost. If you've ever considered visiting China to practice martial arts, then look no further come and experience the glory at the Northern China Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy.

Name: Phillip Brandon Sanford
June 1, 2012
Training Period: 6 Months
Shaolin gongfu

I will never forget the first time I heard about Shaolin Kung Fu. I was very young, and I saw a documentary about Shaolin monks and their art. I was instantly drawn to the elegance of their movements and their discipline. Now, nine years later, I can say that martial arts is my passion. It is a subject of study that you can continually burn yourself up on. It is an art, a means of war, and a lifestyle. It is a constant refining of the self. I decided I would follow my passion wherever it took me, and now I am on the other side of the world. Being able to come to China to study this ancient art is a prilivege the likes of which I cannot wholly express. I was never able to train in Chinese martial arts back home, and being here I am very impressed with the training and the quality of the Masters here. The academy and the surrounding area is truly beautiful; The circumstances here are right for learning Kung Fu.

Name: Dylan Rose
June 18, 2012
Training Period: 1 Month
Shaolin gongfu

When I planned my trip to Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, my aims were to get as fit as humanly possible and to increase my knowledge of the Chinese language. Upon my arrival at the academy I began to realize just how special a place it was. I had previously studied Thai kickboxing in England and had never even begun to appreciate the effect that studying traditional Chinese martial arts in a place like this would have on me. After watching The Karate Kid at the age of ten I realized that one day I wanted to travel to a place like this and immerse myself in the culture of authentic Oriental martial arts. Jumping in the deep end is the only way to learn to swim (or drown, but that obviously isn't what I'm getting at here..). Immediately I fell in love with the lifestyle of the Academy and thoroughly enjoyed studying shaolin kung fu under experienced Masters who dedicate 100% of their effort into teaching to the highest quality. After a couple of weeks I began to see that my primary aims were incredibly superficial compared to what I was experiencing. 7 hours a-day training as well as a Chinese lesson each afternoon saw this easily taken care of. In addition, training with Shifus who speak little English as well as weekend trips to nearby Si Ping City made me speak Chinese outside of the classroom in a real-life Chinese environment.

Training, - whether it consisted of long distance running, running up the 360 steps from the beautiful lake next to the academy to Ye He Castle with a bucket of water in each hand, sparring or practising kung fu forms it never failed to be a greatly enjoyable and educational experience. At the academy you are forced to find your physical limits and smash through them. I was only able to come to the academy for one month this summer and immediately regretted this, I wish I could stay longer and as I write this in my room staring outside at the stunning countryside scenery that surrounds the academy, I am already planning my return next year, for a longer stay this time. The lifestyle, the experience and the group of friends I have made here have made my stay the invaluable experience that it has been. It is an honour to say that I have studied here and if you love martial arts and are willing to learn and expand your horizons physically and mentally, this is the place to be. I am grateful for the experience and will definitely be returning to keep learning.

Sara Mirjam Bartfai
Nationality: Sweden
Training Period at the Academy: June 2012 for 1 month
Training: Tai ji Qi gong and Mandarin language

I have stayed at the academy for a month, and I wish that I had the possibility to stay for longer. It is such a relaxing place, and I am so glad that I decided to come. On arrival I was first amazed by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes around us. It is so calming to see nothing but countryside and mountains around you standing on the courtyard in front of the academy. To wake up every morning for qi gong with ths view ahead of me as been a joy. My intentions on coming here were not, like for many other visitors, to learn shaolin martial arts, but rather to study mandarin and focus on the soft schools of tai ji and qi gong. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to adapt the schedule for my needs and wishes. My personal schedule has included qi gong every morning, private mandarin class after breakfast, and tai ji in the afternoon and in the evening. It has suited me perfectly. As a whole, my experience here has been wonderful, much thanks to the friendly atmosphere and people working here. Fantastic food, interesting fellow students and cute shaolin-master kids running around the academy has made it even better.

Name: Duc Huynh
Nationality: Canada
Training Period at the Academy: 7 weeks
Training: Tai Chi and Baji

I came to Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy on the end of Dec to mid of Feb. I came here as the man without any knowledge about martial art. I joined the Shao Lin team for a week but I found out that my body wasnít good for this type of hard training (I am in my 30s). I decided to join the Tai Chi and Baji teacher. He is an amazing sifu. His Tai Chi is like slow moving water. His Baji is very powerful and fast. In only a short period of time I learned 2 Tai Chi forms, 2 Baji forms and 2 Qi Gong forms (this is the very good form to practice in the morning). I left the school to go back to Canada with a lot of knowledge about the martial art but I still couldnít say this is the best school to recommended to my friend or my family to come and learn martial art or not because I hadnít no other school to compare with.After a month in Canada, I couldnít stop myself to think about other martial art school to go to in China. I finally decided to go to WuDang Shan to check out one of the famous Taoist school. I supported to stay there for 3 weeks but I left early because I didnít like the food there and the way they taught there. The food at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy was 10x better than Wudang School. The room at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy was leaner and bigger than Wudang. School. I stayed in Wudang School around 2 weeks and I learnt only 1 form (2 moves in one day). With the same amount of time, I could learn at least 2 forms or more at the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy (This is not applicable for everyone so if you canít learn 2 forms in 2 weeks please donít claim on my statement here. This is only the comparison for myself. Itís not for everyone. You can maybe do 3 forms). It was polluted at the Wudang school. I was barely seeing the blue sky. At the Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy I can see the blue sky almost every day and a beautiful sky full of stars at night. The most important thing is itís 2x more expensive while I was in Wudang. I left Wudang with a lot of disappointment and decided to travel around Asia for a few months then flew back to Canada. Suddenly my niece wanted to come to China to learn Shao Lin Martial Art for her summer. I first took her to the original place of Shao Lin in Henan for her to visit and if she liked it, we could stay there for her summer training. We stayed there for two days and we didnít like it because it had too many tourists, too noisy, too polluted, the food wasnít that good, the room was 2x smaller than the Siping School. I finally decided to take my niece back to Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy for her training. She loved the place so much. She liked all the sifu, all the Chinese kids, all the food, her big room, the people work at school and all training that she had. She told me if she doesnít have school, she will stay here longer. She is in the Shao Lin team and I am still continuing with my Tai Chi and Baji now. We are both very happy with this place. So far all the school which I went to check out, this is the best school.

Floris Holtkamp
Nationality: The Netherlands
Training Period at the Academy:July 2012 for 1 Month
Training Shaolin Gong Fu

I chose to come to the academy because I wanted an introduction to Kung Fu. I only had a month of time and I knew this would not be enough to fully experience the Shao Lin martial arts. But this last month has been a great eye-opener to me. It showed me how devoted the people here are at what they do and that Shao Lin is not just a martial art, it is a way of life. From the moment you get up till the moment you go to sleep you are a martial artist. Don't be surprised if it even gets to you in your sleep sometimes. You train 7 hours a day and this showed me how much your body can actually handle. Being in this place makes your mindset also change to a very professional one. You want to improve at what you are doing and you become eager to learn more. Although sometimes your Shifu (master) explains that it is also important to repeat, that is the only way to really make you memorize the moves so that in the end they can become your reflexes. One month is hardly enough time to actually do so, though. But this time made me aware of how much time it takes to really become a martial artist. Some of the students stay here for a couple of years and some are here, like me, just for one month. If you really want to master Kung Fu I would suggest to stay here for a couple of years. If you just want an introduction, and become very fit, very quickly, only one or two months here will do the trick.

Justine Nguyen
Nationality: Canadian
Training Period at the Academy: August 2012
Training Shaolin Gong Fu

I had been dead set on going to China as soon as my uncle, Duc, had returned from his two month stay at the academy. I was itching for some excitement, and this experience certainly did not disappoint me. The academy sits amongst the beautiful countryside, which is used frequently for training. Our training consisted of runs to the nearest village, carrying buckets of water up the steep steps to the castle, doing sit-ups dangling from a tree, and so much more. When I first arrived, I was positive I would not survive the daily seven hours of training. At first, I was unable to complete any of the exercises, but after only two weeks I was running farther and faster, becoming more flexible, and was able to endure more than I had thought I was capable of. The shifus, staff, and other students have all been very kind and hospitable, making sure you are happy at all times. I am especially grateful to my shifu who pushed me past my limits and taught me so much in such a short period of time. I absolutely hope to be back here soon.

Trevor Ketles Stumbles
Nationality: Australian
Training Period at the Academy: June 2012 for 4 months
Training Shaolin Gong Fu

Many people came with the same expectations. Everyone leaves with different experiences, most are good. A good place to experience Chinese culture in many aspects. You will be sore after a day, even more sore after a week, but after a month you will realise your pain has paid off with the new skills you have learned how much stronger you are. There is every thing you need here to become good at kung fu but it doesn't happen over night, or without practice.

Name: Deane Searle
Country: England
August 1, 2012
Training Period: 3 Months
Shaolin Gungfu and Tai ji quan

I planned to train kungfu in China since I was about 13 years old. Now, at 22, I'm extremely happy I chose this academy for my stay. Not knowing entirely what to expect, I arrived with an eager and open mind. I was quickly satisfied and instantly began enjoying the training. After my relatively short stay here, I've realised how much I've learned. This is due to the great skill and teaching methods of the masters. Aside from passing on their extensive knowledge of kungfu, I also found the masters to be amongst the nicest and funniest people I've ever met. That isn't to say the training isn't taxing though, whatever your current level, you will leave the academy fitter than the beginning. All sorts of training is utilized including doing stairs carrying buckets of water, calisthenics, weight machines, barbells and more. Add to that, the location is beautiful and serene: a truly fantastic area to train in, or simply admire. The food is also great, and the loddings spacious and comfortable. This all adds up to a pleasing and rewarding stay. I came here to broaden my skills in the martial arts in preperation for my eventual movie career. Also, Because learning kungfu in China has long been a dream. I predict that no matter how long you stay or who you are, you will leave the academy an improved person in some or many ways. But, perhaps most importantly, you will have fun and a truly, unforgettable experience.

Name: Sam Walsh
Country: Australia
September 2, 2012
Training Period: 2 Months
Shaolin Kungfu and Baji

My two months spent living and training Martial Arts at the Siping Academy will forever be a memorable experience. This academy offered fundamental aspects for which I believe to be traits of a healthy male. Physical endurance was constantly challenged and overcome. Mental focus and clarity was found with the combination of placing the mind in control of the body. And the actual rest between training with meditation and the solitude of being nestled in the Northern China mountain scape. My purpose for coming here was to acknowledge and nurture two fields of personal development. One being a new physical endeavour, which was achieved by scoring well in two monthly tests of my chosen Art (Shao lin and BaJi), and the other being, space away from my country of Australia to allow movement to cultivate thoughts, to then journal and write a few projects. Fellow students aided in the enjoyment of the time here. Everyone arrived with different purposes and from a different land on Earth. All the moments lived here and at Siping City to recharge the batteries and enjoy relaxed time away from the academy, meant that upon reflection, I'll be returning in a few days with my intentions met, and a fond memory of the staff, students, the rambunctious and wonderful Shaolin boy's, my two Shifu's which gave much time and respect with patience to the task at hand, and the food, which gave plenty of sustenance between rigorous sessions.

Name: Jeffrey Charles Manuel Torres
Country: Canada
October 4, 2012
Training Period: 6 weeks
Tai ji Chuan

I trained at the Siping City Martial Arts Academy for just 6 weeks in 2014 to learn Tai Chi, and found it worthwhile. The academy has great equipment and space for training indoors and out, good food, and a team of staff that treated me and the others very well, making sure that we have all our needs met. The masters are very competent, having had a lifetime of commitment to martial arts, and are able to demonstrate hundreds if not thousands of skills & techniques properly. There are translators to help when I had questions to ask about certain aspects of training like how to breath properly. I learned what I came here for, challenged myself, and enjoyed my time.

Name: Olaf Nap
Country: The Netherlands
October 27, 2012
Training Period: 1 Month
Shaolin Kungfu

At the moment of writing I am currently on the train from Siping back to Beijing. I just finished my one month stay at the Northern China Shao Lin Marshall Arts Academy today and I must admit I can hardly believe it, time went so fast! The day after my arrival the bell rang (as always) at 05:15 AM: this was the start of what would be a 4 week unforgettable experience full of new views and perspectives on both life in general and myself. Every day 7 hours of training was tough for me in the beginning but I got used to the discipline pretty fast and started to use the time during my breaks to study a Chinese a little bit, of which I also took class once a day; the combination of both physical and mental training worked very well for me. The discipline of the daily schedule has been good for me and was strengthened by the superb way the shifus have trained me and pushed me to train at my best every second. They truly love martial arts and it is hard not to fall in love with it (if you did not already) being around them and experiencing their dedication to it. I surely do now, even though it was all new to me. Being new to shao lin kung-fu, or martial arts in general however was not a problem at all, as all shifus took time for individual training. Also my fellow students tried to help wherever they could, this also made me feel welcome right away. Being part of a group of students coming from different cultures from all around the world, all having their own goals and beliefs has been wonderful and enriching. I will always cherish the time we spent together both at the academy during the weeks and the great fun we had in the weekends in Siping. Looking back on my stay I am very thankful for everything that was offered to me and I would have liked to stay much longer. The academy is a beautiful, unique and inspiring place in which everyone can follow their dreams and strive for their targets. I will come back to the academy for sure, whether it will be to visit my shifus, or to train again.

Michel Lamarche
Country: England
Training Period at the Academy: 1 year
Training Shaolin Gong Fu

Siping City Shaolin martial arts academy is an opportune place to learn. It is located atop a tall hill with a serene lake around its base and set at a reasonable distance from SiPing to make access no hassle and far away enough to keep away the distractions of city life and allow for tranquility. Also this makes the stars appear to shine that much brighter. Chinese classes are taught here, from a great teacher whose grasp of english is on par with most natives and shows considerable insight into the origin of misconceptions in lingual matters, making the learning process that much more fluid. Also the people here in china are hospitable, good natured and always ready to welcome a stranger. The only down side could be said to be that practically none of them speak english. As for the food; It will be a rice experience, with a quite diverse assortment of side dishes to accompany. To be honest its really quite wonderful but don't be under the misconception that it will be the food served inside your local chinese takeaway because its not. Now to the subject of desire: WuShu or martial arts. The masters here have a surplus of experience in their respective fields enabling the easy assessment of your skill. Once you have a grasp of the basics this will become important in deciding which respective martial art you choose to study; the path of your learning for the fastest progress. In my experience each day is filled with hard work and is rewarding being able to see the progress you make. I do recommend this place to anyone who wishes to learn, as it is what you give not what you get that will further you.

Name: Ryan Donald Bayldon-Lumsden
Country: Australia
Period of Stay: Nov, 2012 to Feb, 2013
Shaolin Kungfu

The Siping Shaolin Martial arts Academy is a great place to train kung fu. Each of the sifus is very knowledgeable in their own style. They also individualise each class depending on what you want to learn. Training here also provides many great experiences such as travelling to do performances at various functions and events. The translators are fluent in English and are great for Chinese classes. They are always willing to help with any questions you may have. The academy has wifi and has just upgraded their computer room. The food is always great with lots of variety. The academy is a great place to train and it's possible to learn lots in a short space of time.

Name: Jiri Bittner
Nationality: Czech
Period of Stay: November 2012 through April 2013
Baji and Winchun

During my stay at the academy there were many improvements regarding training facilities, Internet room and connection, cooking with fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables and chicken, so that everyone's needs are satisfied. Shifu Lee is very attentive to his students and trains us with passion and commitment that makes us desire to learn more and more. Combination of Baji and Winchun is very enjoyable and beneficial for practical use. There is a big variety of training possibilities for trainees of different levels. During the time of my recovery from injury, Lee shifu very willingly treated me with acupuncture and cupping, for that I am very thankful. He is an ideal example of a great martial artist with admirable stamina and skills. I am very happy that I came to this place. It is a unique experience.

Name: Stephen Wyka
Country: America
Period of Stay: 6 months (January - July, 2013)
Shaolin Kungfu

After 1.5 months here I am having a great time! I love the training, the shaolin training is tough but not too tough. It is a great balance of hard work and rest. The shifu really knows how to balance hard work and rest. He also knows his Kung Fu and can show it off at any time. Although having a translator present in the training hall is really helpful for learning the new techniques. The food is amazing, I am eating way better than I did at home/college. Each meal leaves me full and refreshed ready for another training session. The rooms and beds are better than I expected. They are large /spacious and feel comforting. You can decorate how you like which is nice, making it feel more like home. The bathrooms are nice and clean, washed twice a day. There is a washing machine but it cost 1 yuan for each piece of clothing which is not bad at all, it is actually really cheap compared to any washing machine in college. I personally wash my own clothes by hand which is fine and quite relaxing. The showers are nice and warm, especially with the new boilers. Overall I am more than satisfied with my stay here, everything is just great. The appearance and style fit the experience of learning Chinese Kung Fu. I never expected much, but got way more. I would be perfetly happy if nothing changed. I came for this type of environment, it teaches me self-disipline, patience, and gratitude. It makes me see how I have too much at home and how I don°Įt need all of that to be happy. With the intenet being a little slow it teaches me to be patient and to not always be in a rush. I rather enjoy it, it gives me the time to do inner searching, read a good boook or several or find something else to do besides being locked down by a computer. The language class is great. I did not think I would be learning mandarin, but I am glad I am. The place is perfect for my experience here, I love the calm and tranquillity that I find in the simple thing

Name: Limon De La Borbolla Eduardo
Country: Mexico
Period of Stay: 2 months (February - April, 2013)
Shaolin Kungfu

Excellent food, very friendly and polite staff that cares a lot about foreigners opinions, suggestions, and recommendations in order to improve quality and living conditions. Excellent experience to network and to get along with international personalities in a healthy environment. The location is simply spectacular where you can admire and enjoy the beautiful countryside surrounded by mountains, the amazing view of a huge valley with the advantage being up on a hill, and the advantage that you can start your training at any day of the year with no martial arts experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or EMAIL Mr. Che.

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