Invitation to distinguished wushu organizations and martial art enthusiasts around the world:

3rd China-South Korea International Wushu (Kungfu) Tournament:

Chinese Wushu is the heart and soul of China. In order to promote Chinese traditional wushu and to enhance its popularity around the world "The 3rd China-Korea International Wushu (Kungfu) Tournament" will be held in Siping City, Jilin Province, from August 2nd through August 5th, 2007. This tournament has been approved by the General Administration of Sports, sponsored by the Siping Sports Bureau, and will be hosted by the Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

This competition will contain wushu events of various styles including traditional fighting skills, weapons in single routines, dual routines, pair routines and group routines. Sparring events will also be included; such as traditional Sanda, Tuishou, Tuima, Short Weapon, Long Weapon, etc.

The theme of the competition this year is "The Promotion of both Chinese Wushu Culture and of Communications between the East and the West". It is intended that this event will promote Wushu sports around the world; while promoting international relations between countries.

We warmly welcome friends and athletes from across the world to attend this tournament whether you are a practitioner of martial arts wishing to compete in this competition, or a visitor new to the arts wishing to sample the peak of eastern culture.

  • Tournament details and itinerary:

    The 3rd china-korea International Wushu (Kungfu) Tournament Regulations 2007

    1. Time: 2nd of August, 2007

    2. Location: Siping City, Jilin Province, China

    3. Main Organizers: Siping Sports Bureau

    4 Host: Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

    5. Competition Program: (refer to appendix 1):

    Wushu events (various style and traditional fighting skill, Weapons in Single Routines, Dual Routines, Pair Routines, and Group Routines) Confrontation series (Sanda, Tuishou, Tuima, Short Weapon, Long Weapon, etc.) and methods of mastering Wushu skills will be shown.

  • Methods of registration:

    1) Wushu teams, organizations, schools and individuals of each country and region can form a team to participate in the tournament.

    2) All teams can bear the name of sponsors, have from 1 to 2 managers, and from 1 to 3 coaches. There is no restriction for the number of male or female athletes. Teams with more than 15 athletes can designate 1 referee (afforded by the team and not as manager, coach or athlete).

    3) For Group events, each team should at least at 5 people. Forms of its presentations are not constrained by style, content or music. Group events can be in form of art performance, representing the art of attacking, defending, skills and techniques of various martial arts with absorbing and integrating the elements of other arts to show the prominence of wushu.

    4) All-around individual championship: Athletes who participate in more than 3 events in singles or pairs confrontations will have an opportunity to win all-around individual championship. The three events must include Quan and Weapons Series, not Group events.

    5) Overall group event: Any team with more than 10 persons (can be males or females) participating all-around individuals will have an opportunity to win it.

    6) Registration fee, conference fee, and insurance fee, (refer to appendix 4).

    7) The age and health condition of the player shall be checked by the teams or by players themselves. The validity shall be subjected to the sealed application form. In the case of a mis-statement of age, the qualification of the competitor will be cancelled. Participating teams or individuals shall be responsible for any accidental injuries and/or deaths caused by health problems during the games and bear relevant medical fees. Each Player is to purchase personal life insurance by themselves, and must sign safety statement/agreement.

    8) In order to make the opening ceremony more exciting and novel, part of the performances in the opening ceremony will be registered, examined and adopted by various Wushu organizations across the world. Details are as follows:

    Date: Please report with video, disc and descriptive wording before 15th June, 2007. At the end of June the Organization committee will examine, confirm and inform those who have been chosen.

    Requirements: Completely show professional gongfu and local characteristic events with national culture by the forms of the artists performance.

    Time: From 3 to 5 minutes (including music and entrance and exit time)

    Awards: Winners will be awarded Special gold medal, Silver medal and Bronze medal of the opening ceremony performance on The 3rd China-South Korea International Wushu (Kungfu) Tournament , according to their actual performances. The performance in the opening ceremony will waive the performance charges.

    9) Before the events, the Chinese Wushu Association will hold an official Wushu Duan authentication for Foreigners. For more information, please contact Mr. Che who is Director of Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy. Click to Email Mr. Che.

    10) The committee will award a prize of Promoting Wushu Sports Award to any person or organization who makes great contributions to the organization and promotion of this tournament.

  • Details of the regulations:

    1) This tournament will include individual events, team events, all-around champion, and overall group championship..

    2) This tournament will use the Traditional Wushu Competition Methods supported by the Wushu Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports in 2006 and the relevant additional regulations.

    3) Competitor age divisions:

  • Children (A)
  • Youth (B)
  • Middle aged (C)
  • Elderly (D)

    4) Pair Confrontation events:

    Pair Confrontation events will be performed by pairs so that it can make the events more personalized, competitive, interesting, entertaining and popularized. Ordinary carpet is used in the site and there is no border for the athlete, they can choose it by their own events.

    The weight grades in pair confrontation events are unified into: 48kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 65kg, total: 5 grades.

    The pairs confrontation events will show confrontation techniques, tactics and different skills by using 10 score systems to judge the levels of the skills.

    Group divisions: events are divided according to gender, age, and weight. Events with different ages combination is according to the elder group. Those with different weights combination is according to the more weightily group conforming to the ones when registered. If any participator does not have a fixed partner, the tournament committee will match the participator with a proper one. If there is no one available, the participator will play the basic skills in confrontation events in order to be judged by referee.

    Every team can join the confrontation event to enroll "arbitrator". They can participate in it (act as a player), and can have the same result for the team.

    5) Time limitation of all events:

    Time of every Single and Pair routine series must be between 40 seconds to 4 minutes. The arbitrator will make a beep sound to warn the player when they play after 3 minutes. (If the time for the event is too long the players should simplify the routine but it must remain in the top 2 to 4 series level as a competition, then this will not affect the result of performance.)

    Team performances must not exceed 4 minutes.

    As for pairs confrontation events, they must play 2 rounds. Each round is 1 minute, and there will be a recess of 1 minute between them.

    If the time for each event is not enough 2 seconds than the regular time, 0.1 will be deducted, up to 4 seconds then deducted 0.2, above 4 seconds the maximum deduction will be 0.3. If exceed 5 seconds than the regular time, 0.1 will be deducted, if within 10 seconds, 0.2 will be deducted, if above 10 seconds, the maximum deduction will be 0.3.

    6). If anyone is absent from Group events, deduct 0.5 score per person.

    7). Group events are classified into different age groups according to the average age (keep the integer without decimal fraction) of all the participators (do not consider gender).

    8). All competitors must wear Wushu uniforms when they compete. There are no restrictions on the fabrics, colours or styles of the uniforms, however your uniforms must reflect the characteristics of your nationality and the event itself.

    9).Competitors are responsible for providing their own uniforms and equipment.

  • Placing and awards:

    1) For single events the top 8 competitors will be awarded according to the event, age group, sex and routine.

    2) For pair events the top 8 competitor will be awarded according to the event, age group, sex and combination between male and female.

    3) For confrontation events the top 8 competitor will be awarded according to the event, weight, age group, sex and combination between male and female.

    4) For single, pair and confrontation performance events, the top 3 competitors will receive gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates. Fourth to eighth place will receive certificates.

    5) For team events the top 8 competitors will be awarded according to the event, and age group. (not considering gender)

    6) Single, and pairs confrontations and team events (excluding individual all-round and overall group event) ranking is of Chinese motherland, the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, foreign countries athletes are appraised separately.

    7) No matter how many person or team to participate, it only counts the actual number (i.e. one for one winner) for every single, pair, pairs confrontation and group event.

    8) All participants will receive a souvenir or momento.

  • Championship awards methods:

    1) Number of individual all-round championships:

    It is not divided by nationality, but according to gender, grouped into children (Division A), youth (Division B), middle-aged (Division C), aged (Division D). There are 1st place awards to 8th place awards per division.

    Individual all-round championship: 1st to 3rd will be awarded cups, medals and certificates, 4th to 8th will be awarded medals, certificates.

    2) Overall group championship:

    There are awards for 1st place to 16th place, total is 16 places and is not divided by gender, nationality or border.

    Overall group championship: 1st to 3rd will be awarded cups, individual medals and certificates, 4th to 8th will be awarded cups and certificates, 7th place to 16th place will be awarded group certificates.

    3) Scores calculation methods:

    Final personal score calculation method: the final score should originate from each individual competitor's top 3 scores of total 3 games (must have Quan and Weapon series), no matter how many events he or she participates in. The person holding highest final score will be the champion, the second one should be runner-up and so on.

    If all-round individual event has the same result, we will count to get first prizes more in 3 all-round events, and then to get second prizes more, and so on. If it comes across again the same result then we will count the whole events (including the other events) to get more in the first prizes, and then to get second prizes more and so on. If it happens again the same result, then we will count the number of the whole events in which they participate. If again the same result, it will be decided by drawing a lot.

    Overall Group Event calculation method: A team with not less than 10 individual all-round competitors will be regarded as a scoring unit Scores for teams with more than 10 players will be settled by the total scores of the best 10 players. A team with the highest score wins the championship, a team with the second highest score the runner-up, etc.

    In the case of same scores, the place of the teams will be decided by counting the number of first place, second place, and third place of the players in all-around individual events.

    As all-around individuals, there are only 8 winners in one age division. If there are more than 8 people because of the same grades, drawing a lot will be adopted by athletes themselves. For those who are out of the competition, they will be awarded excellent individual all-round championship certificate.

    In the Overall group event, there are only 16 winners. If there are more than 16 teams because of the same grades, drawing a lot will be adopted by themselves. For those who are out of the competition, they will be awarded excellent Overall group championship certificate.

    The top 8 winners in individual all-round event, and the top 16 teams in Overall group event will be awarded during the closing ceremony on the night of 5th August.

  • Registrations:

    1) The registration form must be a standard form (appendix 2). There are A-1, A-2, and B, three kinds of forms. A-1 is used for the information of the whole team and player's single event; A-2 is also used for the information of player's single event, B is used for the information of Pair Routine, Confrontation Routine and Group Event. Each blank of the form must be stated clearly, if no content, write "none" on it. There are their association seals and managers signature in the registration of teams. Individual registration should be signed. Any participators who want to buy insurance please check this on the form. Registration forms (including copies of money transfer receipts and ID cards, safety statement) must be faxed (86 434 3263100) or Emailed to the academy before the 12:00 pm 15th June 2007. The registration form and registration fee must be sent together otherwise the registration is void.

    2) Safety statement is to be signed and sending together with the registration form, those who haven't signed the statement will not be allowed to participate.

    3) After the registration form has been sent out, any amendment (including any additional information) of the registration form has to be sent in a formal request (amendment letter) with amendment fee. (refer to appendix 4)

    4) Within 15 days of the registration deadline (before 12:00 pm, 30 of June 2007), those who are not able to participate in the tournament due to urgent reasons, can send in a letter of excuse and claim back 100% of the event fees and insurance fee which will be sent back to them (registration fee excluded), but after that time all fees will be not be sent back to them. Competition schedules and events orders will be published at 10 days before the beginning of the tournament.

    5) Anyone or any team who would like to take part in official Wushu Duan authentication for overseas people supported by Chinese Wushu Association should arrive at the Siping City Shaolin Martial Arts Academy on 1st August 2007.

    6) All referees and arbitration committee members are to report before 9:00 am, August 3, 2007. They will be accepted to study at 9:30 a.m..

  • Address and contact number:

    Address: China Si Ping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy, Ye He Ancient Castle, Siping City, Ji Lin Province, P R China - Zip code: 326523

    Staff Contact: Wen Long Che
    Tel : 0086-434-3560434 or 3560438
    Fax :86 434 3263100
    Click here for Email
    Website Address:

    7. Overseas participators cost: $50.USD per day which includes both the room and meals while at the academy. There is also a one-time $150.USD reservation fee to be paid at the time of the application. NOTE: All applications must be finished by July 15th, 2007 and all participants must arrive at the academy by August 1, 2007.

  • Referee and arbitration committee:

    The formation of the arbitration committee and guidelines set down by the arbitration committee members strictly follow the arbitration committee regulations.

    The general referee, deputy referee and arbitration committee members are to be appointed by the organizing committee. Referees are to be those appointed by the teams and those volunteers recommended by various Wushu associations (certified by the organizing committee).

    Further information about this tournament will be announced at

    The committee of this tournament preserves the ultimate right of explanation for this regulation.

  • Appendix 1 - Listing of Events and their Classifications or Code Numbers - for Competitor's reference

  • Appendix 3-Safety Statement - Complete, Sign, and Fax or Airmail to Mr. Che at the academy (see address and fax number above)

  • Each person on your team must complete the Secure Application Form (each coach, traveler, doctor, etc.) and each Competitor - Use the "Remarks" box to show your Team Name, Team Captain or Manager's Name, and Code Number(s) for event(s) you as a competitor are participating in. If you are a coach or doctor or traveler, etc. please show your title or position with the team.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to Email Mr. Che.

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